You don’t need to be HUGE to go green

204 global companies pledge to go green

Many of the world's largest companies have pledged to switch their businesses over to 100% renewable energy They recognise that there is no business case for a wrecked planet and that the transition can actually provide a competitive advantage. Companies of all sizes recognise the financial and economic, as well as the environmental advantages of going green.

RE100 is a global corporate leadership initiative bringing together influential businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity. At the time of writing, 204 companies including Nike, Starbucks, BMW, IKEA, Unilever, Walmart and Google, have made a commitment to go '100% renewable' via the RE100 movement. You can read the individual stories of each company from this page.

What about the SMEs?

You don't need to be as big as these guys in order to switch over to 100% green energy and enjoy all the benefits of sustainability and profitability.

If anything, we believe that being smaller businesses makes SME's more dynamic and easier to change, minimising all those committee and board meetings, third party consultations and feasibility studies that we can imagine the international corporations would go through. As you can imagine, its easier to steer a yacht than it is an oil tanker at sea, and so be believe that with all the fears, objections, obstacles and barriers now falling away, it is easier for local authorities, organisations, and businesses of all sizes to improve sustainability by embracing the environmental and cost savings of harnessing renewable energy.

What is the hausch solution?

Our work with various local councils, organisations and SME's is all about recognising the value to our business and well as the environment by using simple proven technologies to harness renewable energy, store it and then use it effectively. For example, by...

  • using the air space above parking spaces with solar powered carports providing shelter and protection for all types of vehicles and users, and even charge electric vehicles. Take a look at our Solar Carports page.
  • generating your own green energy on site. Capitalising on the unused airspace doesn't just apply to car parking spaces.The space above your roofs, garages, outbuildings and unused land can be used to collect, use and store solar and wind energy.
  • changing to Fossil Fuel Free Fleets, a completely tax deductible way of saviong fuel costs, parking, tax, etc. as well as being environmentally friendly. More about having a green fleet.

Grants and funding

Obviously change is accompanied by capital outlay ahead of recouping the financial benefits. There are several grants to call upon to mitigate these costs, and there is also funding and finance for the balance if you don't want to use your own money. We are currently working with one client where the total net cost after the grants, is 100% fully funded, and the whole exercise will be cheaper than their current electricity bill.

SME's who don't own their property

That is not necessarily a problem on two counts...

  1. The landlord may be happy to improve the value of their property by taking on the green improvements
  2. if you can't generate your own electricity on site then we could switch you over to a Government approved and certified green energy provider. With no capital outlay and cheaper energy bills this move is also a "no-brainer"!

You can email for more information on switching to cleaner greener and cheaper electricity.

How can we help?

We would love to have an exploratory conversation with you with the view to working together to help you go green in your buisness. We don't have any sales people or clever techniques, just an honest desire to work with our clients long term to help their bottom lines and help us all to be environmentally more responsible and sustainable.

Just send a quick email to me at hausch or give me a call on 0330 223 438 and I will do my best to answer your questions and help you move forward. I'm not a technician but I have a team of subject matter experts behind me.

I look forward to hearing from you.
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