Hybrid & Pure Electric Cars

With a shift in focus towards reduced pollution and fewer carbon emissions, individuals and businesses are shifting towards electric vehicles as manufacturers are turning to producing alternative types of vehicles to help protect the environment.

We would like to help

The electric car industry is growing rapidly - which is good, but for some, it appears to be a bit of a minefield at the moment with so many options and standards to choose from.

We would like to help you choose the right electric car and car-charging bundle for you. 

And if you're taking this step to go green, we will also show you how to use green energy to subsidise the cost of your purchase.

What vehicle is best for your needs

If you or your drivers regularly take longer journeys, for both work and pleasure, then it is important to consider whether you will go for an Electric Vehicle (EV) or a Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV or Hybrid). EVs typically operate best in urban locations, whereas PHEVs are more suited for longer journeys, motorways and dual carriageways.

The cost of charging vs Petrol & Diesel

Whether you choose to charge your vehicle at home, at your workplace, or at one of the numerous public space charging stations around the country, there are going to be some costs involved. However, these are going to be substantially less when compared to refuelling a traditional petrol or diesel vehicle. For example, it costs just over £3.50 to fully charge a typical EV or PHEV battery. thats around 2p per mile for a typical EV!

Outright purchase vs leasing

If you are worried about the investment needed to purchase an EV or PHEV, then leasing could be an option to consider.

The benefits of leasing include fixed monthly payments, so you can budget accordingly, plus you do not have to worry about depreciation or resale values.

The benefits of leasing

Hybrid and EV car leasing gives you a more affordable, cost-effective solution compared to purchasing the vehicle outright. These benefits include:

  • No financial risk of vehicle price depreciation
  • Upgrade vehicles to a higher grade at the end of the lease
  • Affordable monthly payments for effective budget forecasting
  • 50% VAT can be claimed back if the vehicle is used for business and personal use, 100% can be claimed if the vehicle is only used for business driving

At the same time, when the lease period ends, we are very fair on our damage policy and can then get you into the very latest model, with the likelihood of having a better range per charge, fuel efficiency and technology.


Buying your electric car

Consider everything

Buying a new PHEV or EV car is a big decision, and you need to consider all the variables and options open to you, the advantages to embrace and any disadvantages to avoid. We would like to help you on a one-to-one basis

Submit your enquiry

By telling us up front what you are interested in we can make sure the right person gets in touch with you. Simply submit the enquiry page, we will confirm by email, and arrange a convenient date and time to discuss your preferences and options, and answer all of your questions.

Purchasing, Delivery and Installation

Once you have decided on the new or used car make, model and options you want we will then go ahead and get that for you, using whichever means of purchase you prefer. We will arrange delivery, install the EV charging station and any other options you have chosen, and then show you how to use everything.

Ongoing support and service

And that's not the end of things. We will continue to keep in touch to make sure you are happy with everything, and the manufacturers and suppliers will always be contactable directly to help you with anything.


Next steps

If you’re thinking about or planning to purchase or lease an electric car and would like some advice, guidance and help then simply arrange a chat with Tim, our electric car specialist,  who is happy to help.

To arrange a callback from Tim just complete and send your preferences below. 

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