Why is Norway the land of electric cars?

In Norway you can drive in the bus lane, park for free and get a 25% tax break when you buy an electric car. Video journalist Simon Browning has been taking a look beneath the bonnet of the Scandinavian country's electric car successes on the BBC. He opens his 2.54min video by discovering that almost every car in Oslo is Electric! Watch on the BBC 

Comment - We think the sooner the UK catches up with Norway the better for all of us, our health and our future.

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Filling up cost comparison – Tesla Vs BMW 330d

Auto Express magazine has done an interesting short article this week about the "filling up" cost of the new Tesla vs the BMW 3 series Diesel.

Obviously filling up the BMW at the garage will only take a few minutes whilst it will take a good 30 mins to get 280 miles of range into the Tesla using a rapid charger. Obviously, if you are setting off from home with your intelligent home charging station, you don't have that wait - it's just "get in and go"

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