100% funding for green energy installations

UK Climate Emergency

As you will have read in the media, the Scottish, Welsh and UK Governments, along with many Councils and local authorities, have declared an “environmental and climate change emergency” making the UK the first country to do so. However, this comes at a financial cost to already stretched budgets. In these times of increasing financial demands on these already stretched budgets, it is useful that substantial funding is available from our UK regulated investment and pension fund and energy company partners dedicated to helping eligible businesses and local authorities to achieve their goals of carbon neutrality and ongoing cost savings.

Funding currently available

£238M of funding is available for companies, organisations and property owners who want to generate their own electricity from renewable sustainable renewable sources for their own use, thus increasing their energy security and reducing future energy bills.


  • Your choice of solar, wind, biomass, CHP or a mix of generation
  • The fund pays the full cost of planning, installation, maintenance and servicing
  • You purchase your future energy from the scheme by way of a Power Purchase Agreement
  • Power your buildings, ventilation and new LED lighting for in and around the building, and charge your electric vehicles
  • lighting No need to detach from the National Grid
  • Apart from increasing your green credentials, in addition to being "seen to be green", you are now...
    - reducing your carbon footprint,
    - substantially reducing your future energy bills 
    - increasing your energy security.

Zero capital cost

All of the above, installation, maintenance, and energy generation can be installed, managed and maintained at zero capital cost to your company or your shareholders followed by reduced energy bills thus improving your bottom line. Depending on the size of the project you may be able to also install energy storage, new LED lighting inside and around the building and EV charging

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Solar panels need not be ugly

Why do solar panels always have to be so ugly? asks Marjan Van Aubel, solar designer in her very engaging TED talk last year. She was inspired by the book called "the Solar Revolution" where it says that within one hour we receive enough sunlight to provide the world with enough electricity for an entire year - One hour.

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You don’t need to be HUGE to go green

204 global companies pledge to go green

Many of the world's largest companies have pledged to switch their businesses over to 100% renewable energy They recognise that there is no business case for a wrecked planet and that the transition can actually provide a competitive advantage. Companies of all sizes recognise the financial and economic, as well as the environmental advantages of going green.

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Green Awards Dinner

Gala Dinner & Big Sustainability Awards 2019

The Southern Sustainability Partnership's glittering night of celebration for the Movers and Shakers in Environmental Management, Corporate Sustainability and Social Value is almost upon us, 27th November 2019 – 6.00pm to 11.00pm.

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