Property Managers Bundle 4

This bundle consists of everything needed to facilitate the charging of multiple electric vehicles on site. It is a smart, cost-effective and scalable solution that offers smart-charging functionality and access to an internet-connected management hub and app, offering a holistic view of your charging infrastructure for all models of pure electric and hybrid vehicles. Remote connection to the manufacturer’s technical support team ensures trouble-free charging with software that is always up to date.

This pre-configured bundle is for four vehicle charging stations, with the option to add additional charging stations either initially or as a later upgrade.
This bundle uses award-winning components that are the first on the market with the built-in ability to add solar and/or wind power, energy storage and connection back to the national grid for the sale of surplus electricity.

There are other optional add-ons and upgrades for this bundle, including the addition of a “powerbank/powerwall” electricity reserve storage battery, solar PV energy, wind turbine, green energy supply, smart-grid, etc. Please see overleaf for more information on this.

The Bundle Contents

This pre-configured bundle consists of;

  • an internet-connected intelligent hub
  • an online web page based portal and smartphone apps for user-friendly online access for remote management
  • four individual connected intelligent chargers with cable management and a choice of connectors
  • installation and testing by local installers
  • manufactuer technical support and software upgrades
  • 3 years manufacturers warranties

Bundle Specifications

Here is the additional information you might need.

  • Made in the UK
  • Approved by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles
  • 3 charging modes – Fast, Economy and Eco+
  • Variable charging between 6A to 32A
  • Boost function to keep the battery at a minimum charge level
  • Maximum Charge Current: 32A (7kW)
  • Supply: 90-256V 16A or 32A 50/60Hz
  • Compliance: BS 8300:2009+A1:2010, BS EN 61851, BS EN 62196
  • Economy Tariff sensing to maximise savings
  • Integral RCD for earth leakage protection
  • IP65 rated enclosure suitable for outdoors
  • Energy data logging
  • Graphical back-lit LCD screen for ease of use
  • 5 metre, 32A rated cable with Type 1 or Type 2 charge plugs
  • Adjustable charge current limit – allows installation with smaller circuit breakers (e.g. 16A)
  • Adjustable import power limit – The maximum import limit can be set to limit power drawn by the house when charging, useful for proerties with low power mains electricity supply
  • In-line mounting holes for easy fixing to brick or timber stud walls
  • Through-wall or surface mount cable entry options for easy wiring
  • Can also be pole mounted for surface or underground parking for more convenience.

Upgrades & Add-ons

Energy Storage
Electricity can be stored in a power bank to act as a reserve or to normalise charging usage. This smart-grid connected battery can be charged from the mains, or from solar, wind or ground sources if installed. There are a number of advantages to this such as being able to charge vehicles during a power cut or balance the charging of the vehicles at times when there is a high demand for electricity from the property.

Local Renewable Energy Sources
Photovoltaic Solar Panels, wind turbines, and ground source heat pumps can be connected to this bundle. These renewable sources of energy on the property reduces the demand on the mains supply. Such micro-generation often results in a surplus of energy once the storage battery has been filled. This surplus can be sold to the national grid which will reduce the cost of electricity supply as well as subsidise the cost of this bundle and energy used for the property in addition to vehicle charging.

Heating and Ventilation
The hub includes an automatic power controller that diverts surplus power to a designated area – normally a hot water heater, immersion heaters, underfloor heating, towel rail or electric radiators, to save energy and minimise your utility bills. Once installed, this system can reduce an average household’s energy bill by up to £250 per year.

Example pricing

The cost of this particular bundle is only £3,896 including fitting, plus VAT*

This bundle is eligible for OLEV Workplace Charging Grant and OLEV Home Charging Grant

* This is an all-inclusive price assuming a standard installation. The installer may need to use additional fittings for a specific situation which is not included in the standard price, for example, extra clamps, additional cable lengths, etc. These will be agreed with you in advance