Can I get an electric car for free?

Do you want an electric car from free? With zero fuel bills, road tax, and congestion charges? or even a new Jaguar i-Pace for as little as £299pm all inclusive?
How does it work?

Can I save money AND be green?

Do you want to “go green” and substantially reduce your energy bills at the same time as saving the environment?
Show me how

Fuel Free Fleets and greener workplaces?

I want to cut my fleet fuel bills to zero and make my commercial property more tax effective and environmentally friendly at the same time as improving my bottom line.
Business benefits of green fleets

The Future is - Clean Energy and Electric Vehicles.

The best electric vehicle charging and green renewable sustainable energy options, combined into cost-effective, simple, preconfigured intelligent bundles including installation and VAT for home and the workplace.

From buying your electric car to charging that car and powering your home or business cost efficiently and sustainably.

The Future is - Combining Clean Energy with Vehicles, Homes and Workplaces.

The Future is - Already here!

From buying your electric car to charging that car and powering your home or business cost efficiently and sustainably from renewable environmentally friendly energy sources

Intelligent renewable and sustainable solutions for powering vehicles, homes and workplaces

Electric Vehicles

Buying, leasing, running and charging cars and vans intelligently and cost-effectively from greener cleaner energy sources
Driving electric

Self powered homes

Powering your home from renewable sustainable energy, either on-site or from a green tariff, and saving money at the same time
Self powered homes

Sustainable Property

Help the business bottom line as well as your workplace and the greater environment by embracing sustainability.
Sustainable Profitable Workplaces


Renewable Energy

cleaner greener energy from solar, wind, ground source, wave power and green energy mains suppliers
Go Green

Electric Vehicle Charging

Intelligent EV charging from renewable and mains supplies managed by a cloud connected Intelligent Hub
Drive Electric

The Intelligent Property

An intelligent hub managing all incoming energy from renewable and mains supplies to EV charging, heating, hot water, and smart devices
Intelligent home




Intelligent Bundles

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100% funding for green energy installations

UK Climate Emergency As you will have read in the media, the Scottish, Welsh and UK Governments, along with many Councils and local authorities, have declared an “environmental and climate change emergency” making the UK the first country to do so. However, this comes at a financial cost to already stretched budgets. In these times …
More investors buying into renewable energy

More investors buying into renewable energy

Investment into energy generation from renewable sources continues to increase as the returns on investment become increasingly attractive to individual and institutional investors.

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