More electric than petrol stations!

There are now more EV charging stations than fuel stations in the UK!

The figures show that there are now over 8,470 electric vehicles (EV) public charging stations with over 13,600 charging points in the UK  whereas there are only 8,400 petrol/diesel fuel stations.

Zap-Map reports that as of May this year there were 8,471 public EV charging stations 13,613 chargers, a 57% increase from May 2018.
The Experian Catalist Market Summary Report shows there were 8,400 fuel stations at the end of April.

The number of EVs on the road has increased from 3,500 six years ago to 210,000 in 2019. With the UK Government planning to ban the sale of new, conventional petrol and diesel cars by 2040 it is expected that the number of electric cars on the road will exceed a million.

But what about charging times at these stations?

At the moment, a public rapid charger can be expected to offer a 50kW charging rate, which can fully recharge a standard electric car in around 40 minutes. However, 350kW chargers are beginning to emerge in some locations. These can fully recharge a typical electric car in as little as 10 minutes, a blow for those locations who want you to eat and drink with them whilst you recharge your car.

With a new type of battery currently being developed in Germany, in the future a 600-mile range is expected, you might not have to stop at all to charge your car, only to recharge yourself.

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