Hausch Environmental Technology Partnership

Hausch UK are looking for agents with experience dealing with
large businesses, public bodies and local government

We are offering a unique opportunity for the right person
who has an understanding of environmental issues

OTE in excess of £120,000

Highly ethical sale

Introduction to Hausch and its services

Hausch UK and its partners provide it’s clients with a number of “cleaner, greener energy” solutions to intelligently power property and vehicles. Hausch has a number of “intelligent bundles” to solve its clients requirements, including:

  • Renewable energy harvesting, storage, and managed use to power both residential and commercial property, and electric vehicles,
  • Fossil fuel free fleets as well as electric vehicle leasing for individuals and small businesses
  • Solar powered car ports and walk-ways for harvesting and supplying green energy to property and to charge electric vehicles whilst at the same time protecting those vehicles, drivers and pedestrians.
  • As well as cheaper energy bills, further cost reduction by supplying surplus energy to the National Grid

Our funded large scale projects programme

Hausch UK and its partners are currently working with a number of businesses, organisations and local authorities (clients) who wish to make a significant impact on their "green credentials", reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their energy bills at no capital cost by taking advantage of a sizeable 100% funding agreement we have put in place with a UK based energy company and pension fund.
The funding element of our proposal is not "match funding" nor is it debt based, there are no interest charges or repayments.

This initiative will allow clients, with no capital outlay, to;

  • install infrastructure to harvest and use cleaner, greener energy from a number of sources, without using their own capital
  • reduce their carbon footprint dramatically
  • improve their profitability by reducing their ongoing electricity costs over the twenty year life of the programme
  • declare to their shareholders and stakeholders their commitment to energy sustainability and climate change

The organisations we are working with in the south of England are intending to use our fully funded programme on their own buildings, premises, leisure centres, even on waste management and landfill sites. They are also interested providing services such as EV charging for their own electric fleets and the public spaces.

Working with Hausch

Although we have installers all over the UK, we are primarily looking for 12 autonomous partners/agents/professional sales people to join our team, and with full support, help us roll this funded large scale projects programme out to businesses and other organisations across the UK in return for a generous commission income.

Each team member will:

  • work under the terms and conditions of privacy and confidentiality, non-circumvention, and non-disclosure agreements,
  • manage their own flexible time, expenses, financial and tax affairs
  • have exclusive management of all prospects and clients in their agreed area,
  • have access to our online client management portal for progress tracking and reporting,
  • be responsible for identifying potential clients, making contact and presenting the programme to suitable prospects.
  • receive training and ongoing support from Hausch.

Once such prospects become potential clients they will be fully involved in the process.

Once approved by our energy company and funding partner, and the installation begins our commission/compensation becomes payable. The exact timescales and the amount of commission earned per project will vary as each project will be unique with its own characteristics.

There will only ever be a handful of team members therefore this is at present an uncapped earnings opportunity as the amount of funding that has been allocated to this programme is substantial.

  • The minimum project installation is one megawatt in size.
  • We expect the average project to be several megawatts.
  • The commission rate is expected to be in the region of £3,000 per one megawatt with the average sale expected to be around 3 megawatts.

Next steps.

If you are interested in joining Hausch to take advantage of this opportunity the next step is to have a strictly informal conversation with Richard, our director of sales. Richard is happy to receive an email or telephone call from you if you are genuinely interested in joining the team and helping us roll out this exclusive programme across the UK, along with other opportunities that may follow.

You can reach Richard directly on his mobile 07842 705694, or email him at .