Green energy overtakes fossil fuels for the 1st time

More UK energy coming from clean sources than fossil fuels for the first time ever.

2019 was the cleanest year on record, as wind, solar and nuclear continue to grow as the National Grid announces that for the first time ever, more of the UK's energy is coming from clean sources than from fossil fuels.

43% from fossil fuels

Lowest from fossil fuels ever
The National Grid's data shows that fossil fuels accounted for only 43% of the energy used in the UK by the National Grid over the last year.

From greener sources
Most of the remaining 57% came from the greener alternative sources.

  • 48.5% came from sources such as wind farms, hydro plants, solar and nuclear energy and clean power imported through undersea cables.
  • 8.5% came from biomass generators. This is treated slightly seperately as although it is generally seen as renewable energy, it is also seen as polluting as it involved burning to produce energy.

30 year turnaround
In the last 30 years...

  • energy from coal power has reduced from 75% to just 2.1%
  • renewable energy sources has increased from only 2.3% to 26.5% today
  • gas now accounts for 38.4%

Towards "Net Zero"
The national grid's commitment to it's "Net Zero" strategy includes it's desire to increase its reliance even more on green energy sources in the future, indicating investment of £1Billion towards new green energy technology, their target being to reduce their own direct greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

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