Funding For Sustainable Energy

Environmental and Climate Change Emergency announced

As you will have read in the media, the Scottish, Welsh and UK Governments, along with many Councils and local authorities, have declared an “environmental and climate change emergency” making the UK the first country to do so. However, this comes at a financial cost to already stretched budgets.

In these times of increasing financial demands on these already stretched budgets, it is useful that substantial funding is available from regulated investment and pension funds dedicated to helping eligible businesses and local authorities to achieve their goals of carbon neutrality and cost savings. This funding will help those who take advantage of this funding to increase their energy security and green credentials at the same time as reducing their carbon footprint and ongoing energy costs. 

To date, 49 sustainable energy harvesting projects producing 722 megawatts of renewable energy have already been funded in the UK. Some of the larger installations include a 72MW installation in wales, 50MW in Wiltshire and 46MW in Oxford. At the smaller end of the scale there is a 3MW locally, and many 5MW and 6MW installations all over the country.

The organisations we are already working with include a number of councils, airports, sports clubs, commercial buildings, landowners, etc, on funding installations such as solar arrays, solar carports for large car parks, biomass energy systems, and renewable energy for schools, leisure centres and council-owned properties.

Funding for a further 1,278 megawatts of UK based projects is currently available.

More about funding renewable sustainable energy solutions

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