Funded EV chargers must now be smart.

Presumably because of the anticipated demand for EVs and home chargers, to reduce the strain on the national grid, the DfT now requires wall-mounted EV chargers to be “smart” (like ours )

Chargers that are purchased using the, up to £500, Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme Grant (EVHS) must be smart from July 1. The Department for Transport have stated that chargers will have to have ‘smart’ features that limit charging to off-peak hours and they need to have remote access functionality.

“The Government wants the UK to be the best place in the world to build and own an electric vehicle, with leadership and innovation helping us pave the way to a zero emission future. ‘We’re in the driving seat of the zero-emission revolution. Our new requirements for charge points could help keep costs down, ensuring the benefits of green transport are felt by everyone” (Michael Ellis, Roads Minister)

Our Hausch clever car charging bundle with a choice of manufacturers already does all of that and more.