"I want to get a new electric car for free,
stop buying fuel, reduce my electricity
bills, save money and help
save the environment"

How do I do this?

It's simple really - By combining green energy from renewable sustainable sources and leasing deals from our electric car partners, it is possible to...

  • be more environmentally friendly
  • reduce your residential energy bills
  • reduce your car fuel bills
  • and buy an electric car with those savings

Sounds like a bit of a "no-brainer"!

Depending on your current energy circumstances and the make and model of your new car, by the time we have worked everything out, these savings can drastically cut the cost of buying your new electric car and possibly cover the cost of the car completely.

So, based on your preferences you could be picking up your new electric car for free, the cost covered by the savings you receive in your bundle.

What's included?

This bundle consists of:

  • The internet connected intelligent hub with its own dashboard for PCs or smartphone
  • Clever and connected EV charging station
  • Green Energy Tariff
  • Your own on-site micro-generation
  • Installation, guarantees, and warranties
  • Your choice of electric car or van

OK then, what do I do next?

Simply contact us or use the form below and we will get back to you with your figures before you can decide to "go green" and drive around in your new electric car. 

Can I go green and get a new electric car?

Can I go green and get a new electric car?

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