Filling up cost comparison – Tesla Vs BMW 330d

Auto Express magazine has done an interesting short article this week about the "filling up" cost of the new Tesla vs the BMW 3 series Diesel.

Obviously filling up the BMW at the garage will only take a few minutes whilst it will take a good 30 mins to get 280 miles of range into the Tesla using a rapid charger. Obviously, if you are setting off from home with your intelligent home charging station, you don't have that wait - it's just "get in and go"

The cost of that 280-mile range is only £14 using one of the public Tesla superchargers, and even less, possibly only half that when charging from home.

Comparing this with a BMW 330D assuming an average of £50mpg, the cost of the same journey would cost £40 at current diesel prices.

Extrapolate that over 10,000 miles and the Tesla will save you a reported £928 — possibly double that if you can charge at home using one of our off-peak EV or Green tariffs. And if you have a Hausch solar charging car bundle - well the cost of "filling up" your electric car is essentially £zero!

And in addition to the environmental savings, there's the small matter of the extra costs of C02 emissions and taxes, which will cost you considerably more in a diesel or petrol powered car. 

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