Roles and responsibilities

  • Partner in the Hausch Technology Partnership
  • Partner in the Southern Sustainability Partnership
  • Regional board member of the Chartered Management Institute
  • Professional practice for a number of business clients 

Contact details

  • Residence: Bournemouth
  • Office: Hausch UK, 1-4 Cumberland Place, Southampton. Hampshire. SO15 2NP
  • Telephone: 0330 223 438
  • Email:

About the Hausch Technology Partnership

It is a partnership made up of renewable/sustainable energy equipment manufacturers and installers, "green" energy companies, investment funds, and subject matter experts.

We facilitate and where possible, fund eligible renewable and sustainable energy solutions to help individuals, businesses and organisations to

  • decouple from fossil fuels
  • drive fossil fuel free fleets and individual vehicles
  • reduce their carbon footprint and CO emissions
  • reduce the energy costs of buildings and public spaces by embracing energy from renewable sources


Due to the recent acquisition of project funding for large projects we now have the means to fully fund projects for harvesting renewable energy to achieve carbon reduction, energy security and reduced energy costs. This funding covers 100% of a projects capital costs, it is interest-free and repayment free, the only requirement is that the project provides electricity to the customer with a guarantee of significant cost savings this reducing the organisation’s energy costs. More...


"Whereas energy is essential for development, sustainable energy from renewable sources is essential for sustainable economic development. I am delighted that so many parties are beginning to recognise that there is no planet B and are now, finally, gearing and doing something about it. With ever increasingly efficient technologies and funding available people and businesses are rapidly running out of excuses not to embrace a greener cleaner future."