Working with property managers

  • Some of the residents already have or want to purchase electric cars, the problem is the lack of EV charging stations in the underground and surface car parks. They have realised the benefit of adding a number of clever charging stations powered by powered renewable sustainable energy will save them time and money as well as increase the value of the properties. We are installing a cloud-connected intelligent hub with online management dashboard, managing and reporting on a number of connected charging stations each powered by a green EV energy tariff. Additional charging stations can be added at a later date.
  • In one location we are adding energy reserve batteries so that EV charging does not diminish the building energy needs during periods of high demand, with the battery being recharged at times of low demand.
  • A number of the buildings have solar power, some of those are not working, in some situations, it is not even known what they have, the make, the installation and service history, if they are being maintained or not. After completing the audit, the project is to bring everything up to date, make repairs and update where needed, and ensure regular reportable servicing is in place.

These are just examples of how we work with landlords and property managers.

Below is an actual example of a bundle for a residential apartment block of 12 flats, 4 of whom want EV charging immediately, and 2 of whom want to be able to add a charging point when they change to an electric car at a later date.

This pre-configured bundle is for four vehicle charging stations, with the option to add additional charging stations either initially or as a later upgrade.

This bundle uses award-winning components that are the first on the market with the built-in ability to add solar and/or wind power, energy storage and connection back to the national grid for the sale of surplus electricity.

There are other optional add-ons and upgrades for this bundle, including the addition of a “powerbank/powerwall” electricity reserve storage battery, solar PV energy, wind turbine, green energy supply, smart-grid, etc. Please see overleaf for more information on this.

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