Green Energy Tariffs and Suppliers

Green energy tariffs may also be getting more competitive due to the rise of public interest in the renewable energy sector. For example, the percentage of people who are in favour of using renewable energy in the UK rose to 85% in 2018, as reported by the Department of Energy and Climate Change – up from 79% in the previous year.

This goes hand in hand with increased concerns about climate change, as 74% of people asked said they were very or fairly concerned, 3% more than the year before, in a recent survey about the future of renewable energy.

Green energy comes from a number of renewable and sustainable sources: Water, Sun, Wind and Organic. We stipulate that our green energy suppliers provide 100% of your energy supply from renewable and sustainable, i.e. ‘green’ sources. The way we produce green energy has become much more efficient, which means we can generate more power than we’ve ever been able to before. For example, the average 2.5MW onshore wind turbine can now generate enough electricity to power 1,500 average EU households for a year, while modern domestic solar panels have efficiency ratings of over 20%, compared to less than 10% just a few decades ago.

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