Generate your own green energy

  1. A healthier home environment through improved indoor air quality.
  2. A more comfortable home due to fewer temperature variations.
  3. A return on investment through energy savings and lower maintenance costs.
  4. A positive environmental impact within the property as well as the environment we all share.
  5. A reduction in the use of our planet's natural resources.

The intelligent hub and dashboard

Everything is connected to the hub and is managed using a simple and intuitive dashboard which you can access from any web-connected PC, tablet or smartphone, even when you are away from the property. 

Connected to a Green Energy Supply

  • high efficiency photovoltaic solar panels, either on your roof, garange or ground mounted
  • A high efficiency wind turbine mounted on your roof or on a pole, either attached to a wall or freestanding.
  • ground source heat pump collecting heat from the ground around you and converting it to electricity for you to use immediately or store for later.


  • As it doesn't cost anything to switch, and our green tariffs are cheaper than the big six energy suppliers, it makes sense to include this in the bundle.


You can add in these options upgrades now or later.

  • You can add an energy storage bank - basically a clever battery storage pack
  • If you already have an electric car or plan to purchase/rent one then you can one or more intelligent car charging stations either now or later.