"In an ideal world we want a fuel-free, tax-free, congestion charge-free fleet
plus lower business costs, tax reduction and access to grants and finance"


The business benefits of "Green fleets"

In addition to the positive environmental impact of having an emissions-free green fleet, there are a number of real-world financial benefits to having a green fleet in your business.

On the vehicle's side... Additional business benefits
No petrol or diesel bills
No fuel duty payable on electricty 

No road tax
No congestion charges
Lower NI contributions
Lower company car tax for employees
100% capital allowance against taxable profits
£8,000 grant towards a new electric Van
£500 grant twards the cost of the charging stations
Reduced energy bills
Business costs reduction
100% first-year capital allowances (ECA)
Free green efficiency assessments
0% APR unsecured green loans *
Access to capital grants *
Free parking *
Improved green credentials
Better brand image

* These will depend on where in the UK your business is based and on eligibility which varies from region to region across the UK

All this points to a healthy return on investment, investment in your business instead of payments to HMRC, plus a very public statement about your businesses "green credentials" to your workforce, your customers and your competitors.

OK then, what do we do next?

Use us for a free consultation. We will work with you to assess the costs vs benefits to your business of going more energy efficient and adopting a green fleet. We will work with you to build a bespoke solution based around your preferences and cost savings from the following assets

  • Electric cars and vans, options and availability
  • An internet-connected intelligent hub with its own intuitive management dashboard for PCs, tablets, and smartphones
  • Clever and connected EV charging stations
  • Green energy audit/assessment
  • Cost reduction from On-site micro-generation
  • Green energy tariffs from Government authorised and licensed renewable sustainable energy providers.
  • Grants and loans availability and eligibility
  • Cost-benefit analysis

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