"An increasing number of people are not moving but choosing to extend. These self powered micro buildings made from sustainable materials are an obvious, cost effective and practical solution."

Solar powered sustainable pods, rooms & offices

Built from timber from sustainable sources metal and glass, our plastic free multi purpose modular buildings are powered by solar energy. Not only are these multi-use micro buildings self sufficient, the surplus energy can be used to power the main property and even a fall-back or emergency power reserve.

Things to consider

Energy Security
Self power your home or buisness and protect yourself against continuously rising energy costs. 2018 went down as the worst year ever for energy price hikes.  In total, there were 57 price rises for energy affecting all consumers coming out of fixed deals.  This meant an average increase of £74 and 2019 will see another rise of at least 6-10%.  Now more than ever, it is essential to invest in locally produced solar energy to offset the impact of an uncertain market and exchange rates. 

Nature friendly
At every opportunity these buildings are made with low impact products from sustainable sources, recycled/recyclable materials, low VOCs, and friendly to nature.  This is very important to us.

Low VOCs
Volatile Organic Compounds in human-made and natural chemicals such as in paints, carpets, chipboard, and insulation, and can be hazardous over the long term. VOCs have been shown to have a detrimental effect on human health. The reality is that a new carpet will ‘off-gas’ within your home and these gases are poisonous, the issue is that the off-gassing process can last for 6 months or more - something else to consider when improving or moving. 

Premium accomodation
These buildings are a high-end sustainable and innovative solution providing insulated accomodation, power generation and storage, and even an income.

Multiple uses
These buildings can be placed almost anywhere, even on the roof, and can be uses in many different ways: you may just need extra space for guests, boomerang kids, an annex for your parents, a garden office, extension to the home or workplace, there is even a version with an EV charging staion to garage and power your EV.

How much do these eco buildings cost?

It's difficult to come up with prices for these eco buildings as there are so many options and variable. Costs will depend on location, the size of the installation, connection to the main building, options such as EV charging station, power reserve battery, etc. All these factors have a bearing on the cost of individual hardware components as well as the survey, design, installation, commissioning and certification.

However, it costs nothing to ask. Just use the form below to arrange a callback, and we will be pleased to discuss your options and give you a cost breakdown free of cost or commitment.


Most eco buildings are built to order. Below are examples of eco buildings in use as garden offices or extensions, even a carport

Garden office with balcony
This example is only 2.6m square plus an optional balcony. It self generates up to 0.8kWp of solar energy which is approximately 700kW hours of free energy each year. 

Type 22
This version is 3.8m x 3.5m generating up to 6.4kWp of solar energy, which is approximately 4,208 kWh of energy per year.

Self contained 4x3
This 4m x 3m 12m2 glazed eco building generates up to 3.6kWp of solar energy, generating approximately 3,140kWh of energy per year for self use, keeping the reserve/emergency battery topped up and powering another structure.

Next steps

Use us for a free consultation. We will work with you to assess the costs vs benefits of what you are planning or want to explore. In addition to these eco-buildings we can also cover any other items of interest such as: 

  • Electric cars and vans, options, leasing and availability
  • An internet-connected intelligent hub with its own intuitive management dashboard for PCs, tablets, and smartphones
  • Clever and connected EV charging stations
  • Cost reduction from on-site micro-generation
  • Green energy tariffs from Government authorised and licensed renewable sustainable energy providers.
  • Grants and subsidies availability and eligibility
  • We can even arrange finance for these micro buildings

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