Could stately homes help the EV revolution?

The key to unlocking demand for electric cars in Britain may lie in its patchwork of stately homes.

Electric car demand in the UK is rising steeply, doubling over the past year. Sales of pure battery cars are still only around 1 per cent of new car sales in the eight months to August this year. So what might be the connection be for institutions such as The National Trust and English Heritage in helping with the take up of the more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly EVs rather than their fossil fuel firing counterparts?

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Everything you need to know about electric vans

As concern for environmental pollution and carbon emissions grows, businesses and private drivers are turning to electric vans as an alternative to traditionally fuelled vehicles. However, there is a lot to consider before making the initial investment in a greener vehicle, especially if an organisation is expanding their fleet. In this article, we explore everything you need to know about electric vehicles, so you can make the most informed decision for your business.

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Can seaweed help curb global warming?

A TED talk by environmentalist Tim Flannery

It's time for planetary-scale interventions to combat climate change, and environmentalist Tim Flannery thinks seaweed can help. In a bold TED talk, he shares the epic carbon-capturing potential of seaweed, explaining how oceangoing seaweed farms created on a massive scale could trap all the carbon we emit into the atmosphere. Learn more about this potentially planet-saving solution -- and the work that's still needed to get there. Watch this 14 minute talk on Youtube


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Consumers are saying their next car will be electric

An increasing number of UK motorway fuel stations now have charging stations installed, the majority of which provide a DC fast-charge option.

On this topic, the managing director of Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd, Kalyana Sivagnanam has been quoted as saying “Many consumers are saying their next car will be electric.

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Range Anxiety? Jaguar does London to Brussels on a single charge!

Jaguar I-PACE demonstrated its real-world usability by driving 229 miles (369km) from London to Brussels on a single charge. This electric performance SUV’s trip began at London’s South Bank, travelled 50km through the world’s longest undersea tunnel to arrive in Brussels, Belgium with 32 miles and 8% of the battery capacity to spare. Read more “Range Anxiety? Jaguar does London to Brussels on a single charge!”