Harness the wind with your own turbine
Intelligent hub
Green energy account option
Fully installed
Guarantees & Warrantees
Upgrade at a later date
Business/commercial options

Harness the power of the wind to power your properties and vehicles by adding a wind turbine.

  • connect directly to hot water and heating
  • store surplus energy
  • sell to the National Grid

There are also options to provide this for business and commercial properties

The ‘Windy’ Bundle


The pre-configured bundle consists of;

  • an intelligent hub with web, PC, tablet or smartphone access to manage everything simply and efficiently
  • A 1kW 3-blade rugged, simple and robust wind turbine
  • Connect the system to your hot water, heating, and air-conditioning system
  • a converter for saving the energy to a battery for use later or sale to the National Grid
  • a slim battery unit for mounting somewhere convenient

Over 6,000 of these 20-year design life turbines are now in service world-wide in different applications.

You can upgrade this package in the future to include an intelligent car charging wall mounted (interior or exterior) unit to charge your car directly from the wind turbine or from the battery or from your (hopefully ‘green’) energy supplier.*

Installation, Guarantees, and Service

All our bundles come with installation included and full guarantees, customer service, servicing and repairs directly from each of our partner manufacturers.

Full specifications of each of the products in our bundles are published in our online store.

Green/Sustainable Energy Mains Electricity Supply

In addition to or as an alternative to our solar and wind options, we are delighted to have as one of our partners a UK accredited, approved and licensed company that specialises in supplying electricity across the grid from sustainable sources at prices below that of the “big 6” providers.