Jaguar i-Pace Package

Jaguar i-Pace + Intelligent charging
Intelligent hub
Choice of energy sources
Guaranteed and warrantied
Upgrade at a later date
Personal or Business options

Choose your new i-Pace and charge it at home cost and time efficiently from your choice of energy sources.

  • Your current supplier (pun intended)
  • A cleaner greener alternative energy supplier
  • Solar panels
  • Wind turbine

Already have an i-Pace or have one on order?
You can purchase this bundle separately for home or workplace charging. You can choose any of the other bundles that include EV charging.

This bundle is available for both individuals and businesses

Hausch | Jaguar i-Pace + Intelligent charging

This internet-connected wall-mounted charging station

  • has its own dashboard accessible from any PC, tablet or smartphone which enables you to manage everything simply and efficiently.
  • takes its power from your mains supply* or your own on-site renewable energy generators such as solar panels, wind turbines, etc. to charge your Jaguar i-Pace

The pre-configured bundle consists of;

  • Your choice of Jaguar i-Pace from stock or order
  • an intelligent hub with web, PC, tablet or smartphone access to manage everything simply and efficiently
  • an intelligent car charging wall mounted (interior or exterior) unit to charge your car directly from the solar panels and/or wind turbine, from the battery or from your (hopefully ‘green’) mains electricity supplier.*
  • an optional power reserve battery unit

Available within only 7 days!

You can upgrade this package in the future to include extra battery storage, wind power, green energy supply* and more.

Installation, Guarantees, and Service
All our bundles come with installation included and full guarantees, customer service, servicing and repairs directly from each of our partner manufacturers.

* Green/Sustainable Energy Mains Electricity Supply
In addition to or as an alternative to our solar and wind options, we have a number of licensed and approved green energy suppliers who generate energy strictly from renewable and sustainable sources such as solar plants, wind farms, hydro/wave power plants, biomass, etc. at tariffs below that of the “big six” energy providers.