Green tariff charging

Eco/Rapid car charger with a green tariff
Intelligent Hub and App
Green tariff electricity supply
Fully installed
Guaranteed & warrantied
manufacturers support & servicing
Upgrade at a later date
Suitable for business & commercial


  • An intelligent hub with web, PC, tablet or smartphone access to manage everything simply and efficiently
  • An intelligent eco/rapid car charging wall mounted (interior or exterior)
  • An EV/Green tariff
  • energy supplier.

Optional bundle add-ons

  • Additional charge points
  • Surplus/reserve energy storage unit
  • Solar panels
  • Wind Turbine
  • Electric car  



In addition to or as an alternative to our solar and wind options, we are able to provide our car charging customers with an EV tariff or green tariff from UK accredited, approved and licensed renewable sustainable energy suppliers. These tariffs are tailored to each customers energy consumption so you know you’re only paying for what you need.

Over 100 customers a week are switching to this supply, not just because of its sustainable/green energy sources but also because it saves money, with customers said to be saving £250 a year when compared to the “big 6” providers.

Installation, Guarantees, and Service
All our bundles come with installation included and full guarantees, customer service, servicing and repairs directly from each of our partner manufacturers.

Full specifications of each of the products in our bundles are supplied when you make your enquiry.

Upgrades and Add-ons
This is a pre-configured modular bundle. However, you can add additional add-ons and upgrades either now or at a future date