Dangerous charging – EV owners using extension cables

A lack of public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is forcing owners to charge dangerously.

New research data indicate that the UK has a severe shortage of public charging points for electric cars. As a result, frustrated electric car owners are dangerously taking risks by charging their cars from home using ordinary extension leads - even daisy-chaining them - even in the rain!

Recent research appears the show that the number of electric cars in the UK has grown 6 times faster over the last 5 years than the number of Public EV charging points. According to records there were 26000 electric cars registered in the UK in 2014 when the number of charging stations was 3,251. By the end of last year, 2018, the number of plug-in vehicles grew to 186,386 but with only 6,669 public charging points available.

Electrical Safety First surveyed electric vehicle owners, including both all electric and hybrids, revealing a shocking 74% believe that a lack of public charging points near their home has led them to use domestic multi-socket extension leads, not suitable for outdoor use, to charge from the mains in their home. This is despite almost 9 out of 10 respondents admitting they’re aware these should not be used outside. Over half of electric car owners charge their car at home with the aid of an ordinary extension lead, many have left cables running to their vehicle when it's raining! (Comment: OMG!)

Our comment...

We have discovered that many EV suppliers just don't have the facility, knowledge or incentive to either provide or even recommend a domestic charging solution. We've heard comments from sales staff who just don't know what the options are for home-based car charging. One EV showroom we visited say they can get domestic charging stations but they take at least six months to have them delivered. They now use Hausch as we can get award-winning safe and approved intelligent home charging stations delivered in 7 days!

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