Cleaner Greener Energy for Business, Property & Transport

Hausch UK is a sustainable energy technologies partnership providing technology solutions for individuals, businesses and organisations who wish to improve their green credentials, and to reduce their carbon footprint as well as save money through energy savings and cost reduction.

We would like to help you...

Decouple from fossil fuels and embrace more environmentally friendly energy sources

Reduce your carbon footprint and Increase your green credentials

help you save money by cost reduction

provide up to 100% funding for large scale business projects

Funding for large scale projects

Up to 100% funding is available for organisations and large scale projects

Projects of a mimimum of 1MW, requiring airspace above buildings, carparks and public spaces and private/local authority land, all fully funded and maintained by UK Government regulated and approved providers.

Please get in touch if you are interested in instant and ongoing green credentials, reducing your carbon emissions and enjoying cheaper electricity at zero capital cost. 

  • Free solar energy harvesting
  • Long term cheaper electricity
  • Fully funded purchase and installation
  • No maintenance costs.
  • Long term budget control
  • Zero cost ‘green’ credentials

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Green energy overtakes fossil fuels for the 1st time

Green energy overtakes fossil fuels for the 1st time

More UK energy coming from clean sources than fossil fuels for the first time ever. 2019 was the cleanest year on record, as wind, solar and nuclear continue to grow as the National Grid announces that for the first time ever, more of the UK's energy is coming from clean sources than from fossil fuels. …
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Agents wanted for funded large scale projects

Agents wanted for funded large scale projects

Hausch UK are looking for agents with experience dealing with large public bodies and local government. We are offering a unique opportunity for the right person who has an understanding of environmental issues. We estimate OTE in excess of 120,000.00 for what is a highly ethical sale.
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