Renewable Sustainable Energy

Harvesting, storing and utilising cleaner greener energy from solar, wind, biomass and thermal sources. Increase your energy security at the same time as lowering your carbon footprint and energy bills with zero capital cost or repayments
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Sustainably Powered Property

Using the air space above parking spaces, homes, commercial buildings and open spaces to harvest energy from the sun and wind to power property sustainably and more cost-effectively than with fossil fuels. Reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs at the same time.
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Fossil Fuel Free Cars, Vans & Fleets

Enjoy a host of business cost savings and financial benefits in addition to lower if not zero fuel bills by decoupling from fossil fuels. Vehicles can be powered from solar carports, the building itself or one or our green energy suppliers.
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Cleaner Greener Energy for Business, Property & Transport

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Funding For Sustainable Energy

Funding For Sustainable Energy

As you will have read in the media, the Scottish, Welsh and UK Governments, along with many Councils and local authorities, have declared an “environmental and climate change emergency” making the UK the first country to do so. However, this comes at a financial cost to already stretched budgets....
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We need to leave the fossil fuels in the ground

We need to leave the fossil fuels in the ground

We urgently need a working global agreement to leave the fossil fuel in the ground. Piecemeal action by individuals, companies and countries would not cut carbon dioxide emissions on their own because of rebound effects (rebound effects describe the unfortunate tendency of saving in one place, only to get counteracted by adjustments elsewhere in the system). The easiest place to put the breaks is at the point of extraction. Extracting and burning fossil fuel has to become too expensive, illegal or both.
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