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Decouple from fossil fuel, power your home, workplace and vehicles from renewable sustainable energy simply and cost effectively

Our simple and inexpensive intelligent hub connects your green energy tariff or self generated electricity to your home and how it is used to power a cleaner greener home and charge your cars rapidly and intelligently

If you don't yet have an electric vehicle, help you cost effectively buy or lease one of the many new cars and vans coming on the market, possibly even free of charge as a result of adopting a greener, renewable, more sustainable energy approach

100% funding for large scale projects

  • Free solar energy harvesting
  • Long term cheaper electricity
  • Fully funded purchase and installation
  • No maintenance costs.
  • Long term budget control
  • Zero cost ‘green’ credentials

Projects of a mimimum of 1MW, requiring airspace above buildings, carparks and public spaces, all fully funded and maintained by UK Government regulated and approved providers.

Please get in touch if you are interested in instant and ongoing green credentials, reducing your carbon emissions and enjoying cheaper electricity at zero capital cost. 


Our Services


Intelligent Bundles

These are our pre-configured bundles combining different add-ons to our internet-connected intelligent hub and dashboard for different uses. Some of the bundles are focused on car charging whether you already have an electric car or plan to buy one. Other bundles are focused on adding and using green energy to your residential or commercial property either by making your own on-site or taking a green tariff from one of our renewable sustainable energy suppliers. The domestic bundles below include VAT, full installation, manufacturers aftersales support, guarantees and warranties.

Can't find the right bundle? That's OK you can build your own bundle with our bespoke bundle.

Electric cars & clever charging

These pre-configured bundles for electric cars & clever, environmentally friendly charging from on-site solar panels and/or wind turbines, or from renewable and sustainable green energy suppliers. These bundles all contain the intelligent hub at their centre with different combinations of add-ons to suit your requirements.

Your green powered home

These are focused on making your home more environmentally friendly and cost effective by generating your own renewable and sustainable energy or taking a green tariff from one or our green energy suppliers to power your home, hot water, heating, etc.

Green sustainable workplaces

Rather than have multiple pre-configured bundles for properties of multiple occupancies, residential homes, property developers and property managers, we would use the bespoke bundle and work with you to build the most energy efficient and cost effective tailored solution for your requirements.



Green Awards Dinner

Green Awards Dinner

The Southern Sustainability Partnership's glittering night of celebration for the Movers and Shakers in Environmental Management, Corporate Sustainability and Social Value is almost upon us, 27th November 2019 – 6.00pm to 11.00pm.
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You don't need to be HUGE to go green

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